Did someone mention a onesie party?! 

…cos we’re there, if you did! 

This is what a onesie party looks like around here; a giggly, chocolate ice cream stained Alf, a mixture of Take That, Adele {Alf is singing along to Hello in these photos} and One Direction blaring, us taking it in turns on some skill game on his iPod…and Alf laughing at me when I do very badly in them…but then it doesn’t help when he’s just farted in my face while I’m trying to beat his score…

Speaking of parties and pyjamas, I’m off to a log cabin with a bunch of lovely ladies this weekend, some I’ve met, some I haven’t.  I should probably update my holey onesie, shouldn’t I?! 

…and not resort to Alf’s tactics if games are introduced..;) 

Four gems from today



Goal Number 1.

Goal Number 2.

Goal Number 3.

Can you see where this is going?…

Goal Number 4.

Yes!  This handsome fella only went and scored four goals in one match today!  You’d think the more goals scored, the quieter one Mam would become.

Yyyyyeeaahh…about that…

…although, I do think there’s one who is that little bit louder than me on the sideline.  

Just realised that says “one”, doh…

Da Iawn ti, Alf.

*orders all the chocolate ice cream for him*…


That Friday Feeling

Enter a caption

{Earlier on it was just me, this coffee, a brief moment of sunshine inbetween the showers and Eyes Shut by Years & Years playing in the background.  We had a moment}.

Inbox; emptied.

Desk; cleared.

Camera; emptied…to a degree, anyway.  There’s always one or two I can never fully get rid of.

Lunch; eaten out with a very good friend.  Far too much of it, {the lunch not the friend…}, that I fancied a nap in the office this afternoon.  Luckily for me, I had p l e n t y of filing to keep me awake…

The Weekend; nearly here.

That Friday Feeling…it’s a good one, isn’t it?!

…#Barney and Barnets…


I know we were very lucky throughout October…but November’s letting us know it’s here, isn’t it?!  

…Iawn, Barney?!

It may have slowed things down a bit around here with its arrival, which isn’t a bad thing {numerous games of cards and re-runs of The Hunt}…but it’s also made everywhere a lot more wetter {I just googled “is wetter a word” then} and windswept. 

Not good for a “new” fringe, you know.

Alf looked at me for a while after I cut my hair and then said “But I don’t understand.  How did they get your fringe to grow so quickly in there?”…ha, love him!

PS I saw a tiny bit of blue sky today.


These Bois



One has finally got the knack of blowing bubbles {not sure if I should be championing this or not?!…oh well} and the other is obviously getting too big for his onesie.

These Bois. Our Bois.

We were all sat watching the awful news this weekend and I turned to them at one point, tears streaming down my face, and said “Promise me one thing bois, promise me you will never go out to hurt anyone intentionally”. To which they both looked at me like I was going mad and said “Well duh, obviously”.

So I guess we’re doing something right.

Bois Bach de chi werth y byd a mwy.

{Onesie update: there are now two toes sticking out…}