dinosaurs and mtv





an ordinary moment at ours. alf playing with his dinosaurs and figurines on the coffee table while robb and i discuss and sing along to whoever is on mtv at that moment. …and alf being alf, who hates to be out of the action, tries to sing along and make dinosaur ‘roars’ at the same time.

ps, they’re hassling me to download that bloody ‘what does the fox say’ song…how many times do you think i can put it off for before they totally forget about it? i just know it will be on repeat for days.



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  1. cariemay says:

    I rather suspect there’s more than one song on MTV at the moment that could be improved with a bit of dinosaur roaring!

  2. Every boy I know is obsessed with dinosaurs! J is still a bit young but I had better get learning the names of them all so I sound like an expert! x

    1. oh yes…you soo have to be an expert in dinosaurs! i can remember robb questioning me on them when he was younger and he knew the answers and i didn’t!

  3. I love that what does the fox say song- I don’t want to like it but it is so catchy. And weird. I like weird! Cute photos, Mads loves dinosaurs at the moment too. x

    1. you should hang your head in shame lady!! x

  4. Carolin says:

    So engrossed in his play…

    1. you should hear his roars!

  5. Ahhh, he looks like he’s thoroughly enjoying his play there. x

  6. Dinosaurs go “Roar”. We have a kind of love hate relationship with dinosaurs here at the moment.

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