Un Llun ar Dydd Llun

Robb and Ilan…I think. Cae Clyd, July 2016. Kids having fun, not giving a damn, running around, splashing and laughing until they were called in for tea. How it should be.

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The Nature Explorer’s Scrapbook


We’ve been making the most of this great weather we’ve been having lately.  Paddling pools have been full of Rhosllan kids, a cheeky afternoon pint sat outside the Duds, the bois have played out until late and probably my favourite, long evening walks. On our last evening walk, the kids {as in all 6 Grandchildren…} […]

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Things I Want To Remember


Late Evening Walks instead of bedtime…{we’ve got to make the most of the blue sky, whatever the time of day around here…} How choked up I can get over a school report. Compliments. Robb’s first day at his first job. Beyonce Live. Alf turning and winking at me once we’d got our red belts in […]

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{captured} Chirk Castle

Chirk Castle

For some unknown reason, we have never been to Chirk Castle.  {shock, horror, i know!}.  It’s only about half an hour’s drive for us.  But seeing as we are now National Trust Members, we intend on making the most of it; Chirk Castle and everywhere else the membership has to offer.  So much so, I […]

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{around here} Aran Hufen Ia


{See below for English version, diolch} Dwi ddim yn gwybod lle ma’r wythnos diwethaf ‘ma wedi mynd.  Ond blydi hel, ma’i di bod yn un dda!  Mae wedi bod yn un llawn o “Jet Packs”, gwisgo fyny fel grawnwin {ie, really!…}, Tim Pel Droed Cymru {mor prowd!}, gwylio Joe Ledley yn dawnsio {canoedd o weithie […]

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{around here} A Canal Boat Trip Across the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct


…try saying that after a few ;) Before we go any further, let’s get one thing straight; I love any reason to shout about/celebrate our Dad.  His Birthday, Father’s Day…even the “Is Rob Owen your Dad?!”,  “YES HE IS!”, “Oh, I used to play football against/with him years back!”, {I knew that was coming} “TELL […]

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