{captured} Dyrham Park, nr Bath


“Hi Cara!  It’s me.  What’s your home address again?…I’ve not got it on me…{long pause}…sod it, shall I just book some train tickets and hand deliver your birthday present instead?!”  *squeals down the phone*. And that is how a fantastic weekend in Bristol begun. With Paul working all weekend and Robb away, it was just […]

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Un Llun ar Dydd Llun 


There are naked children running around basking in the late sunshine. Try as we might, there is no stopping Sally tonight, she is on a roll.  I only called to say a quick hello…that was nearly 2 hours ago…Norah has nibbled on nearly a full punnet of strawberries and then disposed of them in my […]

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Being Mam…


“Definitely early to bed tonight, bois bach!”…only to find most of us still up at 10.45pm watching The Olympics. Listening to Alf sing “Return to Sender” in the shower. Whilst food shopping {that one time I did it…I’ll say it Paul, before you do…;) }, “how about we get some really nice food in the […]

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Wickedly Welsh

…no not me, the chocolate! ;) The Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Co are exactly that.  Great tasting Welsh chocolate with a wickedly mischevious twist.  Based in Pembrokeshire, you can experience their wicked chocolate in the chocolate factory, unusual chocolate deli and the wickedly chocolate cafe. And of course, buy online. We were sent some to try […]

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Un Llun ar Dydd Llun


“don’t forget to play”, marc johns Alf…screaming, laughing and giggling on a swing in Bristol.

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The Nature Explorer’s Scrapbook


We’ve been making the most of this great weather we’ve been having lately.  Paddling pools have been full of Rhosllan kids, a cheeky afternoon pint sat outside the Duds, the bois have played out until late and probably my favourite, long evening walks. On our last evening walk, the kids {as in all 6 Grandchildren…} […]

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