A few things i’m loving right now…


IT’S DECEMBER!  Let’s all just take a moment here to let that one sink in…*counts* ready?!  It’s really December.  *panic buys everything*…because that’s what I tend to do, sorted or not sorted for Christmas. Anyway, here’s a list of things I’m loving right now, because I’ve really taken to writing lists this year. 1 :: […]

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{around here} Castell Dinas Bran


Do you remember back at the beginning of October when Paul and I went down to Parkwood Dolygaer for the weekend?  Well, that lunchtime we arrived the same time as another couple, Rik and Chelsea.  As the four of us made our way down from the car park, we introduced ourselves to each other and […]

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Un Llun ar Dydd Llun


Alf, not long after we got to Dinas Bran Castle yesterday afternoon.   My little sidekick.  My fun loving-wants-to-be-around-people-24/7, crazy, lovable, hilarious and so full of love himself, nine year old who just wants to eat pancakes or cereal for breakfast, lunch and tea…followed by some cereal without milk in a mug.  And now he […]

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Beachcomber Waterproof Coat // Lighthouse


So, I’ve not quite got to the beach with this coat yet but I’ve gone pretty much everywhere else with it ever since it arrived. For a while now, I’ve been looking at all of the bright yellow raincoats that are out there and have always thought “I’ve got a good waterproof already, I don’t […]

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Un Llun Ar Dydd Llun


{one photo on a Monday…it’s not got the same ring to it in English…} I went to Legs, Bums and Tums on Thursday…by Saturday, I was still stiff and going up the stairs, as I can only imagine, a gorilla would. Paul didn’t hang about for me to take the dog out with him Saturday […]

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My Llan // Blaen Dre


Us Four. I’m guessing I’m around 7 or 8 here, which means that Dion is 5 or 6 , Gethin 4 or 5 and Lowri around 3.  In other words I’ve no bloody idea!  But here we are, one of the many family photos of us four, posing alongside a land rover outside our Nain […]

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