{running diaries} A muddy one


I only managed one run last week.  I was all set to go Thursday while Alf was at football training, but everything was against me that evening, so instead, it was a flask of coffee and a read of my book in the car…and hiding my face when those making their way to Bums n […]

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Capture Real Life – Good Morning, Good Night


I’ve given myself a mini challenge this year in the form of the Capture Real Life Class with A Beautiful Mess.  A part of me wants to read all the lessons in one go so I know what I need to do or “capture” for the rest of the year but I’ve decided to just […]

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{running diaries} “This girl is on fire”


Nothing like receiving a TOM TOM Runner Watch for Christmas and people like this lovely lady to get you off your backside and back to doing something that you enjoy now, is there?! On my first run since early November, I headed off to test out my new watch and, I’m not going to lie […]

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{around here} Loggerheads Country Park


“Loggerheads Country Park with its beautiful wooded river valley, dramatic cliffs and outcrops is great for a short stroll or an ideal place to start exploring the Clwydian Range. It has a well marked Discovery Trail and easily accessible pathways around the park and to the hills and valleys beyond.”  Click HERE for website.  It […]

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And that was 2016…


Here we are, Saturday 31st December 2016.  A moment of reflection while I sit here with a coffee and a quiet house…ok, and a double decker.  2016; as well as the usual milestones of birthdays, anniversaries, new school years etc there was also new friends, new babies {another one just today!} and new challenges.  Weekends […]

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Life is…


Christmas Day this Sunday…really?!…all the candles…Baileys at 5pm making Monday ok again…Saturday’s Sunset…Yellow Belts in Karate {Go Team Lowe!}…all the pom poms…Rhug’s Sion Corn restoring the belief in Alf {not sure if it had gone to be honest…} but it was something beautiful to witness…”he remembers you from when you were a little girl, Mam!”…”it […]

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