Capture Real Life – Silhouette

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Billy, sat in a pub window watching the world go by. Waving to everyone and getting excited whenever we spotted a dog, or any animal. Robb summed him up in the car on the way home “Billy was awesome these past couple of days”. ❤️ They all were, to be fair.  Aah, these Lowe Bois […]

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Love is…

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A spontaneous coffee and cake with Paul…a kick about with the football {even though it’s really, really cold outside}…family walks…Alfie’s infectious laugh…and his bad attempt at serenading me with a guitar…a text from Robb explaining the school might call as he’s had an accident, but he’s fine and not to panic…and then a phone call […]

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Capture Real Life – Outtakes


There’s a bit of a Love / Hate relationship going on between these two. Robb Loves the dog…but the dog isn’t that big on Robb, if I’m honest. But then, I tend to growl and show my teeth to whoever thinks it’s a good idea to wake me up when I’m dozing on the sofa […]

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Capture Real Life – Nature 


SKY ABOVE ME EARTH BELOW ME FIRE WITHIN ME Quote seen on Pinterest. I know everyone’s saying it, but doesn’t Christmas feel like it was years ago?! Apparently not…Hello February!  A new month and all of the new things are continuing for me; the running, the ‘miracle mornings’ {that’s a post all in itself}, podcasts […]

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During our walk up to Dinas Bran Castle in November, Chelsea and I decided that this should become a monthly thing.  One month, I decide where we go and Chelsea the following month and so on.  Saying that, I can’t quite remember who chose this walk but hey! it happened and that’s what matters, right?!  […]

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