Friday’s Letters

Dear Leaving Do: The wine flowed, the food was great and the company even better – what a fab evening! Dear Saturday Afternoon Walk: Thanks for bringing home some yummy blackberries for our Blackberry and Apple Crumble. And for clearing my head! Dear Sewing Maching: You have NO IDEA what you have started…I just want to sew lots of pretty things – now to get the hang of it! Dear Jog: That wasn’t too bad for the first one in a while, was it?! And the rain somehow made it better. Dear Mrs Biggs: You were awesome! I loved every episode…and probably cried at some point during each one! Dear Shirl: Thanks soo much for the book! I want to go and make EVERYTHING in it! Dear Bullboxer: Thanks for my GORGEOUS new boots! Fair to say I Love them! Dear The Simple Things Magazine: Just thanks – I love it! Dear Wedding Dress Hunt Tomorrow: Pleeeeeease let my sister find her dress…and that Mam and I don’t cry too much! Annwyl Dad: Diolch am gal y bechgyn yfory…gobeithio fydd y ddau yn behafio! X

Friday’s Letters

Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three – My Week That Was

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