It’s the Simple Things

After a long (but very exciting day on Saturday!), Sunday called for a relaxed day with my bois bach.
In our house this means not getting dressed before 11am, breakfast in front of the tv, cuddles on the sofa and then hitting the ‘Things To Do About The House List’ (a list I have just made up by the way…but generally just one where I look around and go ‘Yep! Let’s get some sort of order around here, shall we?).
Seeing as the sun was shining, the usual ‘Forest Walk’ was done with Blackberry picking along the way.
The hunt was on to get the juiciest berries!
…through the winding lanes
…over the damn
…picking up treasure’s on our way (we couldn’t find Alf’s egg which he found when we got in…NOTE TO SELF: next time Alf gives you an egg to look after…don’t put it in front pocket of hoodie…crushed egg, anyone?!)
…and while they ran around the forest
…I sat down and enjoyed those 15 minutes all to myself…
I love days like this one.
And tonight I find out if my Mam’s Blackberry Tart is better than my Apple & Blackberry Crumble!
Who are you backing?!

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