Life Lately…

*Alfie getting a little too excited about Halloween!
*Having a cheeky ”soak my feet in the bois bath” moment while I wait for them to get their cute backsides up here!
*An evening of building with the bois…where I didn’t totally take over and build the whole thing myself…honest!
*Cosy evenings with a blanket…as Paul likes to lie next to me on the sofa and snore until he shakes the house…I have this to warm me up instead!
*Let’s all have a moment here to take in the gorgeousness that is my husband…!
*Owsi Powsi Pudding & Pie
“Pin It!” seems to have become a familiar phrase between my Sister and I when discussing ideas for her Wedding.  Which I am totally NOT taking over…ok?!
Don’t be fooled by my pie picture above…it didn’t turn out as it should have done!  The top layer (as shown) was awesome and so was the filling…but the whole puff pastry hadn’t totally baked in the middle…double doh!  But seeing as it was my first time you’ll let me off?!  Oh thanks!
Getting to read ALL evening isn’t something I do often but this has happened recently – and hopefully I will get to do it more often instead of reading when I get to bed…and switching the light off at silly o’clock in the morning!  Despite Paul’s requests to turn it off.  Why is it they can fall asleep with all the lights and the telly on downstairs yet, up in bed they can’t sleep because the lamp is on?!  Don’t.  Get.  Men.
A few games of Connect4 (where Paul whoops my arse!) followed by a few games of Shit Head with a Port and Brandy in hand is good for the soul.
Homeland is back! Yessss! My Sunday’s are now complete!
I am currently writing this waiting for the colour on my hair to develop (Blackcherry for those of you who are interested), with the smell of Beef & Ale Stew making it’s way from the kitchen and the bois are outside playing while they still can, before the dark evenings fall upon us…
Yes people, Autumn has arrived!  Seeing as this is the only time we get the slow cooker out!
In my best Nessa (off of Gavin & Stacey) voice ”What’s occurring?”
PS: Blogtoberfest – Apologies!  But it seems err…it didn’t work out for us!!

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