I only bloody Pinned it and made it!

Oh! Hello Yummness!

Yeah, so maybe it’s not a hand-sewn dress or a makeover to our garden complete with a pond and a proper cool play area for the kids…but it was on Pinterest and I’ve made it!
Ladies & Gents…I give you Nutella Ice Cream!
Oh my Lordy, Lord!
Yep! Nutella Ice Cream!
And it was just too easy!
You will need:
6 x bananas
1 cup of Nutella

(I know! Toooooooo easy!)

Oh! And a cute little helper…!
Blend it all together so that it’s all smooth and then pour it into a freezer container (or make your own ice creams by using your fancy popsicle makers!).
Get slightly frustrated when you keep checking to see if it’s ready…and it’s not!
Leave it overnight.
It’s so good!  Robb said that he can taste the banana’s a bit too much for his liking…but he’s still eating it!  So next time I will add a bit more Nutella to keep him happy (oh ok then…and because I can’t get enough of the stuff!), but we all think it’s bloody yummy!
Get me!
I only bloody ‘pinned’ it…and bloody made it!

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