…Us Welshies Love a Good Sing Song!…

”Penblwydd Hapus I Ti
Penblwydd Hapus I Ti”
(Happy Birthday To You)
”Penblwydd Hapus I Naini!
Penblwydd Hapus I Ti”
”Hip Hip Hooray!”

It was Naini’s (Grandma) Birthday on Sunday.

We ate curry.

Drank some wine.

Had a few more at our local afterwards…hic!

But nothing was as good as listening to this lot sing Penblwydd Hapus to their Naini at the top of their voices!

Just look at their faces!  Robb’s especially, in the last two…what IS he doing?!?!

Naini had a fab day too – which she fully deserves!


Just wish to point out the kids drank squash during the meal and NOT wine…that’s ours obvs!!

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