Just eyes next time, ok?!

I can’t help but just want to make EVERYTHING that Elsie & Emma over on a beautiful mess blog about!  Check it out, it really is just awesome and very inspiring.

…so seeing as I haven’t quite got the hang of my sewing machine, that keyboard pillowcase can wait a while because the ghosts you see above require no sewing machine.  At all.  Yes.  Get me.

I saw these on a beautiful mess and straight away thought ”I know two bois bach and their Mam (who promises to NOT take over!) who would love to make these!”.

Err…obvs the ghosts on a beautiful mess are waaayyy better than ours, but we love our ghosts all the same (and seeing as we didn’t have to buy anything to make ours that just makes it even better, doesn’t it!?).

Here’s how we did ours:

*Make the head out of rolled up toilet paper
*Wrap with white cloth that Paul has got stashed in the shed (discarding the really grubby black stuff!)
*Tie with shiny ribbon tie, trim to make cute little dickie-bows
*Use marker pen to draw on the face…even though Mam did stress that only eyes were wanted…and watch as Mam tries her very best to take the pen off you once you’ve drawn on the eyes…
*Evil laugh at Mam when you know that drawing on the whole face is really getting to her…
*Add string and hang around the house at your niece’s birthday party and around your own house when it’s Trick or Treat Time!
Easy As.

I’m TOTALLY ok about the whole WHOLE FACE thing…ok?!


I am so ok about it.

Because they did do a great job.

But, JUST EYES next time!!


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