Friday’s Letters

Dear Toffee & Pecan Danish: You are my new love!  Dear Bingo: Thanks for the fiver! (I got a house!)  Dear Wine at 9.50pm: You are JUST what I need, right now.  Dear Husband Snoring on the Sofa: You didn’t do the freaking dishes while we were out…why am I not surprised?!?!  Dear Site Visit: You were well worth the muddy jeans!  Dear Beefburger at the Rally: You are the first burger Alfie has ever eaten…you should be soo proud!  Dear Baby’s Christening This Sunday: Can’t wait to squish those baba’s cheeks!  They are proper-awesome-gotta-get-me-some-of-those-cheeks-squishy!  Dear Ella: You are my baba girl I never had…I hope you have a fab birthday weekend, love and hugs Auntie Cer.  Dear School Thanksgiving Service: You’d think there were double the number of kids there…you all sang amazingly!

Have a good weekend!


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