Noson Calan Gaeaf

…A Welsh Halloween!
We had a Vampire and a Vampire Bat…or Bat Vampire…whichever way he was scary!…and very, very excited!
Cupcakes topped with Chocolate Icing for those ‘Trick or Treaters’ knocking on our door!
Ghosts which we made…
And hung in the window
More ghosts hanging around…cute ghost-bunting-type-of-thing…this is why I need a baba girl in the house! 
For the first time ever we did something with the pumpkin seeds!  Paul pan-fried them in some garlic and chili!  Bloody yummy!
Partied with a cute clown and a hot chocolate at Nain and Taid’s…while the adults drank wine obvs!!
Enough cupcakes left to have with a paned (cuppa!) at 11am at work the next morning!

Happy Halloween Indeed!

Click on the Gallery button below for some more ‘Frightful’ photos!

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