Dear Welsh Weather

 Dear Welsh Weather: Yesterday, you were a bit

Do me a favour this weekend,
We are all home, so please be
as you are today?
So that we can wrap up warm
and go on long walks

And I can take more pictures

like the one’s I’ve just taken
while I got out of the office
for five minutes with a paned (cuppa).
I had to get a sheep in somewhere didn’t I?!
Just try not to screw my hair up too much, ok?!
Much (sunny) Love!

27 thoughts on “Dear Welsh Weather

  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I LOVE Wales! One of my really good friends is from just outside of Cardiff and I went to her wedding a few years ago in the fall. It's so gorgeous there!

  2. The sky vistas are stunning. I hope we get more blue sky weather and less of the grey days but then this is the UK so I am not going to bank on it.Mollyxxx

  3. Such beautiful photos. We spend a lot of time in South Wales as my in laws live there and it is fair to say that the weather can be unpredictable! I love it there though.

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