Dear Ten Year Old Son

Hi Tops and Spots
…are happening…!

The spots? Waaayyyy too
soon for my liking!

But, it’s happening.
(They’ll probably be gone tomorrow!
You are only ten, after all!)

I know you think that
I am just nagging at you…

(And don’t tell me I’m wrong!
Because I can tell by the way you
sigh when I ask you have you
washed your face!)

But I’m trying to help you
Bubbs…oh yeah…not
allowed to call you that in public
now, am I?!

I just don’t want you
to be the smelly, spotty
kid in class.

You’re just soo bloody
handsome that you
mustn’t let those spots
take over, ok?!

And those Hi Tops?
Soo cool!
(Sorry! Too much, again?!)

Caru ti, Cariad



PS – These put THE BIGGEST
smile on his face in a while!
So, Thanks Next!
PPS – No pic of the spots
…for obvious reasons!

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4 thoughts on “Dear Ten Year Old Son

  1. new[est] follower. loving this post and loving your blog! can't wait to keep following along! LOVE your letters!stop by sometime!

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