You know you are a Mam when…

Every day you are finding
old (half-eaten!) sweets uch, broken toys
and figurine’s in your hand bag!
Every.  Day.
But it does put a smile
on my face at work.
Other pics from
my week:
Ella bringing her cute little
girly magazine to show me a hairstyle
I was to do for her that day. 
She’s ace, that girl.
Ella comes to ours most
mornings until it’s time for
her to go to school.
We love having her.
She brings Girl Power to
the Lowey household!
Taffi Triog / Treacle Toffee

Silent Sunday

Busy making Christmas Prezzies!
Naini across the road has been
showing me how to crochet.
Paul says I’m turning into a ‘Naini’ myself…
but he was impressed with the first gift I made!
I’m hooked…haa! Get it!
No? Ok, Anyway…moving on!
Cacen, you say?!
Oh, go on then!
Cream and all!
Cacen = Cake! (as if you needed
THAT translating, yeah?!)
Paul was away at a gig
Saturday night so Alf
joined me in our bed.
It was lovely, if you
were able to ignore the
coughing and kicking.
All.  Night.
Paul has just phoned to say that
he will be working away all this week
and that for now, this is looking like it
will happen often.
Expect more pictures of
Alf snuggling Ted Ted in our bed.
We hate it when he’s away.
So, that’s me with a mug of
horlicks followed by a large
glass of red to knock me out
for the night!
Otherwise I will be up on
the hour, every hour.
Sad, I know.
What’s keeping you up at night?!

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