I am
Filling up just looking at the top picture of Alfie!
(Soppy Moose, eh?!)  
He had a surprise call (read as – he was being a little shit!
off Sion Corn (Santa)!  His face!
Eating Nutella and Pancakes with Robb for our breakfast
Listening to the album, My Head is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men – simply brilliant!
Shopping, Walking and taking Rolly to work with me…as you do!
Visiting Stobo Castle, Scotland for a spa treatment courtesy of work – Thanks and when can we go again?!  Thank You Please!
Baking Chocolate topped Cakes for the School Fair
Wearing heels and pretty printed blouses…must mean a night out!
Laughing at how much my Boi loves Salad Cream!
But…But…the cutest thing is Robb posting a picture on Instagram for me while I was away with work so that I could see that his tooth had fallen out!  Reason 10000000003 why I love My Boi!
Love and All of the Above!

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