Dear Scrabble…

Diolch / Thanks…
(Not a photo fail…just my view of the board…unfair yes?)
…for bringing most (5 out of 6!) of us Edwards’ together the other evening…
…for the laughs
…for the is-it-or-isn’t-it-in-the-dictionary-moments…(looking right at you DAD!)…
…for the excuse to enjoy a bottle glass of wine with my best friends in this sometimes silly and bitchy world we live in…(looong story!)
…for making us all howl with laughter as Low got mixed up over words…”Yeah, Lug is a word! It’s this part of your ear, isn’t it?”, ”NO YOU LEMON THAT’S YOUR FREAKING EAR LOBE!”
Low was having a blinder of a game, obviously…!!
…for de-stressing us all after a funny old day
…for making me wish I was 6 years old again and living at home with them all…
…for the oh-hang-on-there’s-another-celeb-on-the-tv-let’s-pause-this-game-for-a-minute-so-that-we-can-laugh-at-them-making-a-tit-of-themselves-again moments… (I’m a celebrity Get Me Outta Here!)
…for the excuse to eat Egg and Tomato sandwiches like they were going out of fashion!…Diolch Mam x
…for the Geth-won-again-and-we-thought-he-was-thick-as-shit-moments???!…(Love ya really bro!)
Scrabble, i heart you.
Love and Ear Lobes

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