Cakepops and Memories

While we were playing Scrabble the other night,
Dad asked if I would make a batch of
”some cakes or chocolates on a stick or something”
(Cakepops to you and I!)
for the Church Christmas Fete.
Apparently the Vicar keeps mentioning
the one’s I made for the Jubilee Celebrations.
(Get.  In).
So, I baked these babies for the fete.
Just look at all that crumbly chocolatey cakey goodness!
It honestly amazes me the amount of money that a small
community like ours raises at things like this.
Just over £800 was raised last week through the fete
with the usual raffle, cake stand, tombola etc. etc.
Not forgetting around £600 was raised the week before at the
School Christmas Fair!
Well done, peeps!
Can I tell you something else?
One of my fondest memories of growing up was
hearing my Dad say his prayers each and every night
by his bed.
There was something so soothing about listening to him.

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