One does this, the other does that…

one likes to eat his breakfast as soon as he’s got up, the other likes to wait a while

one likes to sleep with a lamp on in his bedroom, the other likes it totally dark

one likes to be the centre of attention at a party, the other likes to sit on the side and let his brother milk it

one likes to have his hair cut, the other absolutely hates it

one likes to sws his Naini goodbye, the other will turn his head at the last minute so that she swsus his cheek

one likes a proper meal at tea time, the other will want a bowl of porridge

one likes his own space at bedtime, the other will cry to have someone in bed with him

…yet they are both from the very same place…

…funny that…


…but…when one is sleeping the other will sneak in and top and tail with his big brother

…and melt this Mam’s heart by asking (for the 10th time this month!) ”Is he (Sion Corn) coming tonight, Mam?”


sws = kiss

naini = gran

sion corn = santa claus

2 thoughts on “One does this, the other does that…

  1. With my second son due in a few weeks, I’ve started wondering how different in temperament they’re going to be. I just hope that they can be kind to each other even if they are completely different.

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