layers, layers, layers

i really do prefer the weather when it’s frosty, pretty and white to when it’s wet, windy and dismal.

it means i get to wear this coat.

big snug coat – check
layers – check
crunchy frosty leaves – check


me and this coat?

we go waayyyy back.

i remember traipsing around chester with paul christmas shopping.

seeing it…and falling in love with it…and having to buy it.

i remember trying to button it up whilst pregnant with robb and laughing

that i couldn’t even get the buttons to touch each other let alone close!

i fall in love with it all over again every winter.

10 years old is that coat.



2 thoughts on “layers, layers, layers

  1. hey, i like your uniqueness. glad you have had this coat be your helper for years. that is great. hi, i’m renae and i’m a thriftaholic! i am #18 at this meme [what i wore wednesday] and thought i’d drop by and ya, i like it here. it’s different. different is good.

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