dear those of you who asked…

following my Silent Sunday post and your comments, i thought

i’d share where i got the props from and what we did with them.


 bottom right translates to ”I’ve had enough, mam”

* i got the photo booth props  here – oh happy day –  (absolutely can’t get enough of this site!)

* printed them off  * cut them out  * stuck them onto cardboard  * and clicked away! ta daaa!!

photos taken on my iphone not some super-duper posh camera but they’ll do for this year’s christmas cards to family.  it’s not easy either when you’ve got a 5 year old who soon got bored of Mam saying ”look this way”, ”do this” ”yes! do that again!” (and this one in my head ”smile bois bach it’s fekin christmas!”).  couple of tips – make sure the props are facing the right way (looking right at you alfie lowe!) and put the stick on the hat coming out to the side so you don’t cock it up like i did and hide your handsome boi’s face!

love and christmas props



Tots100 Experience Days Competition

(tip – moonpig have got a special offer on at the moment – 50% off if you buy 5 cards!)

£7.50 for 5 personalised cards? Diolch muchly!

ps – not a sponsored post just a bloody good offer i thought I’d share!

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