it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas…

…daaaa daa daa daa daaaaaa… (i can never remember the next line…!)

PicMonkey Collage

frosty mornings…mulled wine by the christmas tree…and the school christmas concert…i think the big man may be visiting soon!

robb’s last ever primary school christmas concert too! i cried. i know i know, get a bloody grip! i cried remembering his first ever christmas concert…when he was just the cutest little elf EVER. i cried some more when Paul decided to see just how much he could make me cry (cos he’s nice like that…!)by remembering the time when he was one of the three bears ”and he had a cute little black nose”, when he was one of the ugly sisters…and last night when he was waving to everyone coming down from the stage…maaan! i couldn’t stop the tears! and how could i forget the cutest little shepherd, alfie! he remembered all of his lines and made this mam and dad so proud. so proud that we had to get the mulled wine out when we got home (any bloody excuse eh?!) …and then fell asleep on the sofa and totally forgot to do some vip posting! so i let them sleep in this morning so that ‘santa’ could deliver his letters.  two happy faces over breakfast this morning though…which made a nice change – we usually can’t get a word out of alf for the first half hour he’s up!  apart from ”hot chocolate” and ”porridge”.

…and sometimes the dreaded ”it’s wet here mam, i haven’t peed, it’s just wet” pointing to that area…

anyway, moving on from pissy beds…it definitely is beginning to look a lot like christmas…


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