word up!

blether :
a social gathering of which the sole purpose is to get drunk and bullshit with friends

The One when you are only going for one...

This happened. It happened saturday evening with the girls at our local. I was only going for one…so we know what happened there then, yes? there was more than just the one wine consumed…there was bacardi at some point too… The blethering also happened on sunday at our annual Edwards family christmas get together (or what one of my friends used to call it ‘Another Edwards’ excuse for a session’…yeah, he knew us well)…I even got to blether with the main man himself, Sion Corn! but my main blethering partner (as usual!) was my sister.


ok, not really (this is her daughter)…but it’s not far off!


Again, not my sister but our dog, Rolly who I also blether with. hey, he knows all my secrets does Rolly!

Who do you blether with?!


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