friday’s letters

big red duude – where’s my pressie?!

dear last day of work: err…hurry the frig up! thanks.  dear dad: i haven’t just copied the rolling stones album that i’ve bought you for xmas before wrapping it, ok?!  dear bois: that Sion Corn that was at your school yesterday? it was one of Santa’s helper’s honest. not Mr Tibbot from the village as you both pointed out… ”but he sounded JUST like him, Mam!”  dear pub: please be full of festive cheer when we shut shop at 3pm 5pm!… dear THE food shop: please be good to us tomorrow – i want it to be stress free, ok?! not going to have a hangover, not going to have a hangover! if i repeat this enough it might just happen. dear christmas cards: we will post you this year, i promise.  dear readers: thanks for stopping by and nadolig llawen and i hope you all get your stockings filled…fnarr fnarr!!


nadolig llawen = merry christmas


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