if you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this the other day.

i love the story behind it.

my auntie got a call one day regarding my nain and taid’s post office savings account. there was still some money in it, what did the family want to do with it? so at our annual family Christmas gathering that year they (my dad, his brothers and sisters) got all of us grandchildren together and presented us with this beauty of a tree decoration. Gorgeous isn’t it?! so each year when we are decorating our tree we’ve got something to remember our nain and taid rhosllan by.

not that we need reminding, because they were the sweetest nain and taid we could have ever asked for.

they would be in their glory if they could see all the great grandchildren running around today.

i’m so glad Robb got to meet my taid…even if he did feed him one too many sugared fruits when he thought I wasn’t looking!

Nadolig Llawen pawb!

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