2013, bring it on.


aaah. new year’s eve. i don’t particularly like this day. sorry. but i just don’t. not sure why. maybe it’s the whole hype surrounding it when, really, it’ s just another night. aaanyway. I was feeling a bit down earlier and felt like i could have just cried. so I decided to get a fekin grip and sort myself out. I grabbed my iPod, the dog and put my fave coat on and headed out for a walk. all. on. my. own. i had the wind and rain in my face. I pressed the shuffle button on my iPod an listened to iron maiden, stereophonics, bon jovi with a bit of mumford & sons thrown in too. all on v loud on my headphones. apologies to anyone if you heard me singing up in those hills…!  pure bliss it was. and the best thing about it? by the time i got home my head was clear and I was thinking 2013, bring it on. so as I type this, there is a gorge piece of beef cooking in the oven, wine ready to open and a bath with my name on it before we see the new year in. the beautiful scenery above also helped clear my head too. Wales- I heart you.

hope you all have a great one! happy new year!

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