…have you ever kept any?!…

Collage 14a

new year’s resolutions, that is.

me?  in a word…no.

it’s always the usual with me.  exercise, cut down on alcohol, eat healthily, blah blah blah.  (apologies, i’m boring myself now).  not this year.  without really stating them (apart from on here…obvs…duh!) i have decided that these are some of the things i would like to do this year.  nothing mind blowing, just something for me.

  • perfect the cats eye eyeliner look
  • take more pics of paul and i together, not just of the bois
  • go away more and maybe more trips to the beach.  even if it’s just for a walk.  even if it’s raining a little
  • to drink more sensibly  (i know, i know! but i do need to!)

see?  nothing life changing.  oh and one more…

  • woop paul’s arse on air hockey/connect 4/swing ball – any of these.  pleeeeeeease.

so, come on.  own up.  have you ever kept any of your resolutions?!

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