…words fail me…

last night this happened:
”Mam, I want to set up my own blog”
”Really?! What are you going to write about?”
”Just my day and stuff. like something i’ve seen and liked. and just stuff. a bit like yours.”
”ok. well have a think about it and come back to me.”
”i have thought about it. and i would like you to help me.’
”err, ok then.”…what’s the worst that could happen

thinking it wasn’t going to go anywhere. i set one up for him. he chose his theme. that was that. i reminded myself to log on today and just check the settings etc. were on private and so on.  but i just had to share this with you all.

omg! look what i found! i actually just proper laughed out loud!

robbs blog

ps – naini always tells me that they don’t play on their games all day…

i hope that put a smile on your face – because it did on mine

have a nice weekend!

…and yes! his farts are epic…but does he need to tell everyone?!

bois, eh?!


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