the one where your ten year old son whoops your ass…

if you are ever in north wales with your family and bikes, you need to head to coed y brenin.

we did the minor taur track (a 10km trail which aims to introduce new mountain bikers to ‘singletrack’ off road cycling.) and had such a great time!

we’ve done it a few times before but not since it had an extra loop added to it. and boi is that extra loop extra fun!

no pics of us actually riding the track as I didn’t fancy breaking my neck, sorry, so these will have to do.

quick drink break then we are off again!
thirsty, sweaty and red in the face…yet still handsome!
devil horns


this view is worth it, right?
enough energy at the end to pull tongues!

there were a few woo-hoo’s from myself as we rode the berms…and also a few ”is alfie still on?!”…one day i will ride without thinking i’m going to find him on the track! robb asked if we could go again when we had finished…but i managed to persuade him that the swings were free and that it might be getting a bit too dark by the time we get back the second time…nothing to do with my fitness, ok?! but that last hill?  he had me.  he bloody had me.

we usually head to the cafe for a hot drink and cake but we all wanted to get back to our sunday roast. but next time definitely, as cake is a must after a bike ride, yes?

and err no pics of me because let’ s face it who wants to see a pink faced, messy haired mama when you get these cuties to look at?! (slightly biased obvs!). anyway I suppose the point I’m trying to make is dust those cobwebs off your bike (and else where if needed…fnar fnar) and get out there and ENJOY getting rid of all of those mince pies and quality street you ate recently!

all this biking recently…you’d think the bois bach had got new bikes for christmas or something…

anyone else get new bikes off the main main?

One thought on “the one where your ten year old son whoops your ass…

  1. My kids would love this, I go up over Bodmin Moor with my older boys and try desperately not to be the middle aged Mum I am getting left behind on the hills! I love it every bit as much as they do, and yes cake is the reward! Lovely photos – of the stopping points! Thanks so much for joining in with Country Kids.

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