…boys are vile!…


Alf & i pulling a pucker of a face…just because. a recent corker from him i hear you ask? with his hands down his pants (again!…he’s not his father’s son for nothing!) ”alf! stopia!” “am i gross, mam?” “yes you are!”, he then walks off DEAD chuffed with himself!…bois are vile! i neeeeeed a daughter! / my afternoon lunch break walk…actually not pissing it down for once! go Wales! / Robb showing us his teeth while being smug and saying “you nearly fell off your bike because you weren’t looking where you were going…something you always tell me to do!”… (insert scene of homer Simpson throttling Bart here!) / knitting – something which is turning me into a right nain (granny) apparently…but paul forgets he’s closer to 50 than me… / every week I thank Paul for my flowers…he replies by looking at me strangely and saying ‘you’re welcome, cariad’…as I have bought them with his money and pretended that he gave them to me…sad, yes? but true. / now the mug he DID buy for me! AND when it’s warm the hearts spell out I heart you…and he’s aaaaallll mine / one thing that i was determined to prove to Paul this year while we were xmas shopping was that I can shop for others without having to buy for myself…well, that didn’t go too well as I bought these for myself…in the first fekin shop too! doh! but new mocassin slippers? you are mighty fine. not sexy mind, but mighty fine.

4 thoughts on “…boys are vile!…

  1. I’ve got 2 grotty little boys and am often found with my eyes raised to the heavens asking “why couldn’t I have girls?” Love the way the pictures are presented it looks great and also loving the tea and knitting. Embrace your inner granny.

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