new {see it snap it love it}


it seems i have a new love going on. a new love for all things made with extra chunky wool. i made scarves as gifts for christmas. seeing as my nain showed me how to crochet, she got one too. i am currently making a big-chunky-woolly-yummy-snug-blanket for my friend’s baby, due next month. stupidly excited over this babi. one day i plan to make a huuuuuge chunky snug throw for our bed. extra chunky wool – i heart you and your snuggly-ness.

just to re-cap – throw me some chunky wool and needles and i’m happy.

ps – nain (aka the queen of crocheted blankets in our village) asked me (yes ASKED ME!) to show her how i made her scarf.

that there made my day.

happy friday peeps – guess what i will be doing later?…

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