doughnuts & daffodils


alf is not grasping the whole ‘stay-in-your-own-bed-until-morning’ thing which usually means i end up topping and tailing with him and his dad in our double bed! i kid you not! the things we do for a decent night’s sleep, eh?! / the perfect end to a perfect weekend – doughnuts! we spent the weekend at my brother-in-law’s with his family. cue wine, scattegories (omg! too addictive, that game!) and a lot of laughs! / I am trying, trying, to stay off the iPhone’ s, kindle’ s etc in the evenings – fingers crossed i get this blanket done before the babi arrives! / guess who has just been told off?! alf sulks. i mean PROPER sulks. he walks out of the room, head down, slumping with a MEGA bottom lip (he’s inherited his dad’s lips so this is mega!) and he then goes and sits by the front door. in the dark. and we all just laugh at him. is that cruel? anyway, it works because within a few minutes of realising we’re not going after him, he’s back in the room. laughing! / one of my fave xmas pressies – a mahoosive gorgeous collection of all my instagram pics! how amazing is that?! just got to find somewhere for it to go now! / every lunchtime i go for a walk…well, that was until today!, it was just a little too wet…and i put wayyyy too much hairspray on my bonce to just let the flippin rain ruin it within 2 minutes! anyway, this is a pic i took the other day…daffs! now? really?! isn’t it too early?! / robb. every morning. without fail. him, his onesie, his dressing gown, a hot chocolate and pheanus and ferb. throw in a little whinge at alf for annoying him one way or another. but my boi. and handsome. have i mentioned that before…?!

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