i can remember robb coming to the hospital with his dad to meet his new little-too-cute- I- gotta-squish-his-cheeks baby brother, alfie. he was too scared to hold him at first. but after a few minutes of just staring at him, he held him. sweet moment, that one. fast forward five and a half years and robb still just stares at him. in disbelief, that is. something that alf might have said…like saying shit instead of sit. or worse…but we don’t need to go into that here, do we?! or something that alf might do…like whip his pants down – just to get a reaction. chalk and cheese these two. i have lost count the number of times it has been said that alf is just like me and robb is just like paul. not that i swear or whip my pants down or anything…! anyway, moving on! brothers. one minute the best of mates, the next one is clunking the other around the head with something he has just built out of lego. BUT get these bois in the bath together? they will play and play and have a right scream. i’m sure they’d stay there for hours if we were to let them…but long enough for me to have a nosey on the internet and write up a post suits me just fine. especially when it will take me around half an hour to get them ready and settled in bed…then the i-wanna-sleep-in-robbs-bed-because-my-bed-is-rubbish palaver starts…

ps – both beds are EXACTLY the same – he just wants to sleep with his big brother…too cute.


5 thoughts on “brothers

  1. I found you via blog hop “See It Snap It Love It”. My entry is right beside your’s. I thought that it was cool that your’s was about brothers as mine was about sisters today. I LOVED your picture.

  2. What a great photo. And great words to go with it. I am obsessed with that sibling bond ever since our little lady came along. And I swear I love both of them a teeny bit more just to see their fascination with each other grow.
    Thanks for linking up. X

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