so my sister, Lowri, is getting married this year. she has asked me to make the cake…no pressure there then!! I think i she has decided on what she wants. but pinning for ideas I found this:

source: beautifulwedding.tumbler.com

how awesome is this?! I absolutely frickin love this cake! it’s kinda simple- on- the- eye-as-in- not-too- much- going- on- but- wait- there- is- a- lot- going- on- as- in- twigs- or- could- be- a- nest- I- love- it- but- it’ s- a- nest- on- a- cake…are you still there?…I love it’ s simplicity I suppose is what I am trying to say…I think!

what do you think?!

dear me:not my wedding, not my wedding. I repeat, not my wedding.

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