mr happy pants & snowboarding


mr happy pants #somethingyellow – poor attempt at #fmsphotoaday really isn’t it?! hey ho! fave line off alf this week: we’d just dropped off one of their mates when he says ”phew! that was lucky! i’ve just farted!” / birthday boi Owen (my nephew)…how alike are owen and alf?!… / alf ready for the snow / one of the main reasons to sledge is the hot chocolate afterwards…and a baileys coffee for me! / #anordinarymoment – spraying waayyy too much hairspray and joojing my bonce / #twothings – my bois bach. for more on this photo see my ‘brothers’ post / sledging…without the kids! yay!! the wind was too much for the kids on friday, so we dropped them off with nain and taid and headed to the hills! we had a right laugh! i think my sledge spun or flipped me off EVERY time! Paul was making my belly go all funny by looking tres cool snowboarding!

ps – yay to me! one of my new years resolutions was to get more pics of paul and i together. so that one of us together there is january’s edition! yay!

you still keeping to yours?!


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