word up: uch a fi


you know those days when everything is just a bit bleurgh…and a bit…a bit…not sure really…just uch a fi!

(“Uch a fi” = when something/someone is horrible/disgusting)

well, apparently mr lowe knows exactly what to do to turn this bitch on its head.
(bitch = nooo, not me, the uch a fi bit).

what you do is, you tell the victim of uch a fi to forget the shower they were going to have and run them a bath instead. you light the candle they were given by this lovely friend. hell, go wild! throw that chocolate soap they were also gifted. (rock n roll, i repeat soo fekin rock n roll!). leave them there for a while. making sure the bois bach don’t go ANYWHERE near the bathroom. even stating ”no, i definitely wouldn’t go in there for a poo while mam’s having a bath tonight”. when they’re done, pour a glass of red wine and put a cracker of a film on. Blood Diamond. if you’ve not seen it already – put it on your list. Leonardo Dicaprio is in it…on your list now isn’t it?!

now, go forth and make someone’s ‘uch a fi’ a ‘chyffin gret’!

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