friday’s letters


dear snow: you were great fun, please call again.  dear ella: i love it when i have to do your hair in the mornings. i will perfect the french plait, i promise.  dear alfie: JUST. GET. READY. THE. FIRST. TIME. I. ASK. diolch. love you, Mam (not cerys! and i know you call me this just wind me up even more!) dear snood: i made you! *runs around the room having chuffties*.  dear robb: war horse on dvd. me. you. tonight. but you’re waaay too young to share my wine, son.  dear becky: i swear every time my phone has sung to me today i have squealed and had a heart attack at the same time.  come on baba, get out! dear kindle: if i’m honest i have used you more for the internet and pinning than reading…i love you all the same though.  dear brother: dirty 30, eh?!  let’s do this! annwyl diwrnod santes dwynwen (welsh valentine’s day): paul will probably go to the pub tonight…so we will just have a romantic tea together…with the bois bach…who will no doubt talk toilet talk, squirt the sos coch bottle so that it makes farting noises and so on…so yeah, scrap that, not so romantic after all. either way, i love you. x

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