valentine wine


staying in this valentine’s?! then make sure you get a bottle (or 2) of this wine in. paul picked some up the other day at Tesco. that’s after he checked with the lady at the till if the offer was right. it read ”one bottle for £10.99 or 2 for £10”. so that’s a saving of £11.98! doesn’t make sense does it! anyway, grab some it’s good stuff.

telegraph station pinot noir. love a good australian wine, we do. best bit of advice my dad has ever given me. ”always go with the australian wine, cer bach”. diolch dad.

even better when you are snuggling with that someone special.

…or those little peeps in your life…

07.02 PicMonkey Collage

ps – i haven’t been paid for this, this is not a review as such, just a bloody good bottle of wine i though i would share with you lovely lot!

you’re welcome


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