friday’s letters


dear mam and sister: this diet/health kick preps we are on ready for June…did you see how much dad laughed at us last night when we mentioned it?!  maybe it was something to do with the fact we were drinking wine and eating garlic bread whilst discussing it? anyway, moving on. dear fat lip: so glad to see you have nearly, neearly gone! flippin heck i have missed alf’s sweet sloppy, hold-the-back-of-mams-head-swsus! THE BEST! dear paul: it’s only friggin’ happening! the extension! we have foundations! aaarrggghhh! dear body blitz: we will be seeing you again next week (health kick, see?! we are on it…like a car bonnet!), but i am determined to be able to sit down on the toilet without moaning because my thigh and bottom muscles ARE DYING after next week’s session. dear robb: for crying out load man, stop growing! and yes, i promise to put labrinth’s album on your ipod tonight!…so no more arguing over who gets to play my iphone in their room…between us! haa! dear dumb & dumber: we have your biggest fans EVER living under our roof! they know every line! and act it out perfectly! #proudmam! dear alf: who went and rode his bike without his stabilisers this week? YOU DID! i think everyone in the village heard us all whooping and cheering you on! dear whoever nominated my blog: diolch. and if you want to see my head explode, you can vote for me if you click on that ‘mads 2013’ badge on your right. thanks! dear weekend: let’s make this another good one, yes?!



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