reading a lotta lotta (you have to say that in a Cilla Black voice!) blogs for inspiration.  Currently loving this and this. appplying NYC big bold curl mascara – seriously the best lashes in town! streamlining films on my kindle and my first film to watch was ‘Valentine’s Day’ – a year late I know, I know. Seeing as Paul was watching the snooker (whilst FAST ASLEEP on the sofa…apparently he was only ‘resting his eyes’…soo annoying!) I decided to watch something girly on my kindle.  Valentine’s Day.  I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did if I’m honest.  It had me cackling (the gay florist-come-wedding-planner! He was my fave! Only in it for about 1 minute…but, still, I loved him), it had me crying (Julia Roberts…lump so big in my throat I couldn’t drink my wine…and that’s saying something!) and it also had me going ‘’Him! No Way!” (oh hello Bradley Cooper!). making chunky woolly stuff…and things are starting to look a little bit exciting!! Orders coming in…eek! partying all by myself. in the living room.  because I can.  and it was brilliant.  all the good ‘uns were there. alanis morisette, rihanna, beyonce, evanescence, the offspring, the list goes on.  a good half hour this went on for, I danced so hard I got a sweat on and funny looks off the dog…this has to be a rule in the life book somewhere.  jumping into the swimming pool holding hands with my bois…and getting told off!! pah!…so we did it again! baking a rhubarb and apple crumble pie type thing and getting a ‘it was ok’…grr! I thought it was rhubarby and good! celebrating Valentine’s and a 70th birthday in the same night. Discussing wiping the father in law’s arse to inherit the house? who said romance is dead?! what’s been happening with you, you then?!

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