i put an egg on top this time…

lovely oooooozy egg get in my belly!
lovely oooooozy egg get in my belly!

last week for my silent sunday post, i posted this picture. like i say it really was love at first bite! this is new to me. this lovely lady also pointed out that she puts an egg on top of hers. i had to try this.

for some reason i did not want to do the food shop this weekend (bear with me). i stated i wanted to do something different. live a little(!!). i just didn’t want to do the food shop, it’s just waayy too rock and roll for me at times, that. i also asked my husband if he fancied taking his wife out to a fave restaurant of ours.

but then i was reminded that the rugby was on saturday afternoon. so we had to be home for that anyway, so let’s just continue with our usual saturday morning and get it done. oh, and stop sulking (me).

following the excitement that is the food shop, our conversation on the way home in the car is always what we fancy for our lunch when we get home. robb: beans on toast. alf: vegetable soup. paul: curried beans on toast. me: avocado with a boiled egg on toast.

my verdict? loved it.

it seems i’m not the only one loving this right now. i have just seen this post – which makes me want to eat it again. right now.

and for those of you who wondered whether we went to the restaurant? i got dumped because ant & dec were back on tv.

but we beat italy in the rugby so it kind of made up for it.

(err, it so didn’t)

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11 thoughts on “i put an egg on top this time…

  1. Mmmmmm……….I swear I can smell it!!! I know what I’m having for breakfast!! ;p Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the mention xx Still not convinced you on the soy sauce, I see?! ;p x

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