get your coat…


not the best pic of me now, is it?!





you know those days when you are close to screaming ”AAARRRGGHH! WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUT THE FRIG UP!”…but instead you just mutter ”i gotta get out of here. i’m taking the dog for a walk. see you all in a bit.” yeah, you do?! good, i’m not the only one then. well, when this happens, i go walking. i sing too, but not very well. i know! being welsh you think i could sing pretty damn good…but no, not me. i think my brother got all the good singing. greedy bugger. there are 4 of us! anyway, the walking and the deafening everyone singing, it works.

so much so, that when you get back, you don’t feel the need to reach for the wine and don’t mind that you’ve just been caught dancing (again not very well!) to ‘feels like i’m in love” by kelly marie.  your husband is just stood there shaking his head at  you…”how long have you been there?!”

”long enough cer, long enough”.

love me a boogie.

(that’s boogie alf, not bogey in case you think this gives you the go ahead to wipe your nose on me some more…!)


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