dathlu // celebrating

dydd gwyl dewi

what better way to celebrate dydd gwyl dewi, than with a paned (cuppa) and some cacen gri (welsh cakes) made by my bois bach at school.



menyn (butter)...and LOTS of it
menyn (butter)…and LOTS of it

we absolutely destroyed the kitchen by trying to make our own last night. flour everywhere is an understatement. according to alf you need flour, sugar, butter, raisins, a ”mixed egg and 2,3 no hundreds of milk”. okaaay.

i even borrowed the mother in law’s old griddle hoping these would make them even better.  instead they made them even blacker!! proper burnt were the first batch! obviously i blame the tools and not the operator…

how NOT to make welsh cakes
how NOT to make welsh cakes

anyway, cacen gri, i have said it before and will say it again, i will get you right one day.

dydd gwyl dewi hapus to you all, whatever your plans are.

i’m off to watch the school children sing & dance this afternoon while sipping a paned with some cacen gri.

good one’s  made by school kids, obviously, not my burnt offerings.


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