dear february // annwyl chwefror

feb 1

a night out // hungover by the fire watching the rugby // chilling with ma boi

how can you say no to that face?! // finished blanket for a new baba // body blitz-ing

snowy back garden // helping me out after a stressful day – wine // donuts


apparently, i like purple // more blankets // creamy moules mariniere

oh rolly! // whoah! someone got dressed in the dark this morning (me) // sunny mornings

white (haa! i actually typed shite then! it soo wasn’t!), white choc & raspberry cake // wedged a 2p in this guy today // snood i made


ma boi, hashtag handsome // the sun. trying soo hard to come out // doggy tickles

ANOTHER sunny morning, quick take a pic! // ol’ blue eyes // we’re making jelly over here

being told by a 5 yr old how to do his hair // baileys & ice // evening walk

so yeah, february, you month of love, you! you brought snow, sunshine, news of new baba’s, evening walks (finally!), daffodils, weekend trips away with the school, snood making evenings, fat lips!, lazy mornings eating way too many pancakes, bridesmaid shoes!, talks of summer holidays (yesssss!), afternoons at the beach and last but by no means least, my little wilf (alf’s pet name) learning to ride his bike! go alf!

wilf on his bike

march, what you got for me?!


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