ideal cases {review}

ipod review

i was recently asked if i wanted to review ideal cases, where you get to design your own case for your phone, tablet or ereader.  i was going to create a case for my kindle fire with some of my fave instagram pics, unfortunately, no can do for these (gutted). so seeing as my phone is sooo old (iphone 3gs) and not due for upgrade for a few more months, i decided to let robb (10) design his own cover for his ipod.

(i was best mam ever when i told him!)

you can create a 100% unique case with your own photos, images and text. or, like robb, go freestyle and do your own thing. 5 easy clicks and a bit of ‘freestyling’ and you have your very own unique case! easy, so much so i didn’t have to assist robb at all with this…he just got on with it, so if a ten year old can do it, can’t be that hard, can it?!

ipod 2
…and yes, he likes lego…

not bad, eh?

ipod 3

one happy robb. also missing a few teeth!  his verdict: ”it’s much better than what i thought it would be. it’s cool that it’s my own design on it too”

i think these are great for £12.49

but if you fancy one, get yourself a great deal with 40% off using this voucher code mascara40

happy designing peeps


*we were sent this free of charge for this review, all opinions are my own (and robb’s in this instance!)*

4 thoughts on “ideal cases {review}

  1. Wow that’s fab! I bought really dreadful iPod covers for my children (they chose the design my daughter actually choose leopard print, WHAT!) and they cost me 20€ here in Gran Canaria!

    This is a million times better! fab

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