friday’s letters

feed me til i want no more

dear cake: we have to stop meeting like this.  people will start talking. not only about the size of my gut. but at me spilling/overflowing out of my bridesmaid dress come june… dear edinburgh: do me a favour and take good care of my husband, he’s not the best with his whereabouts/directions when sober so god help him this weekend! rugby = beer = messy paul. dear low: let’s do weddingy stuff this weekend! excited. dear robb: watching you swimming in your pyjama’s the other day was hilarious. that smile on your face was the best. dear ibiza: we are coming for you, baby! dear alf: you’re announcement the other night, ”i can’t wait to see the world!”, makes me smile everytime i think about it. i hope you get to see every corner of it, boi bach. dear lynn (work colleague): you crack me up at times e.g. ”is it me or have you noticed that the robin’s are really fat this year?”…wtf?! and another, after putting the phone down ”every time i speak to him i always want to sing ho ho ho, greeeeen giant”…you’re not made right!… dear ali g & helena bonham carter: you in Les Miserables – soo funny! dear florence & the machine: this song helped me file like a madwoman this morning at work! so thanks for that, it was needed.  dear bois bach: seeing as dad is away this weekend, i take it we are doing the whole 3-in-a-bed thing again, are we?! i hope so.

pps – cake? i am serious, you have to stop following me EVERYWHERE!

weekend – let’s do this.



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