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my bois bach. i love how much you love swimming. between you both you are at the pool around 5 times a week. and when we are watching one of you in your lessons, the other is always wishing how he was in there too.

the above pic was taken on last year’s holiday in benodet, france. that was the week that alf discovered just how much fun swimming can be. up until then he wouldn’t no-way-ever-ever let go of me or paul…and bloody hell, i mean proper hold on. so much that it hurt. and nearly strangle you at times, too. such fun (in my best miranda voice).

but now. now it’s all totally different. that week in france alf finally got his confidence and realised how much fun it was jumping into the water. and by that i mean a ”shiiiit! alfie’s just jumped in the pool!” moment just as we were sitting down with our beers… these days alfie loves his swimming lessons and getting to show us all what he can do. and right now he is swimming a whole width without stopping and doing his breathing! he does the doggy paddle as he reaches his head up to breath…so cute. it’s fab watching him. robb is at the level where he gets to swim in his pyjamas and laugh whilst he tries his best to swim the length without drowning in his beloved onesie…

these bois love it when we all go swimming together too. it’s what they want to do every sunday. and so yesterday was no different. to hold hands with them both and all jump in the deep end together? i love it. there was a moment yesterday where my heart stopped for a second after i turned around to not see them anywhere (we’re in the deep end too!), for them to both appear having just climbed down to the bottom of the pool using the ladder!

i lose count on the number of times they jump in and each one has to be different to the last one. there’s the bomb, the pencil, the jump as high as you can jump-jump, and the pretending your fishing and get dragged in by a shark jump…!!?

…oh, and not forgetting the giggling as they both pull their shorts that little bit wider whilst in the shower to wash EVERYTHING!…

{but the grumpiness that follows because alf is tired? yeah, that can do one ;-) }

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