c is for…



if you follow me on instagram you will have seen the above picture friday night…and if you don’t then shame on you! (i joke*).

i might have menioned it before (??!!!) but my little sister is getting married this june. so i told her i was chief bridesmaid. therefore i get to sort out the hen do…oh and help get the whole day together, of course.

anyway, hen do part one – we are off to liverpool for cocktails, more cocktails and to shake our booteeeyy!


(i am also hoping that this time i might bump into steven gerrard too…god pleeeeeease let this happen!)

so i didn’t want to do the whole facebook invite thing…so with some card, a stamp and some ink i had up in the attic, i got busy.


smudged some ink around the edges


and kind of ruined them with my awful writing… and then finished them off with all of the details

but hey, she loved them.

so liverpool – we’ll be seeing you soon!

(and probs the floor a few times too…haa!)

just can’t wait for hen do part 2 – Rihanna @ Twickenham Stadium

(i think i might wet myself with excitement!)


*kind of

PS – I may have made a tit of myself enquiring about the eye trio (eyelash tint, eyebrow shape and tint) at a salon the other day ”err, i don’t want to look like anything from desperate scousewives though, ok?!” i honestly don’t think she had a clue what i was on about!





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