friday’s letters


dear first snood i ever knitted for myself: i love your chunky-ness.  dear dad: that story about how you and taid (his dad) would sit up late listening to the boxing on the radio? loved it. more of them please. diolch.  dear robb: thanks for the mothers day card you made me at school…but did you have to draw a bottle of wine on the the front?! what must the teachers think?! but i love how one of your friends actually wrote ‘echo falls’ on his mothers card! haa! dear lovefilm: thanks for keeping me company in bed while paul has been away (a lot) recently. (it looks like i will be seeing you again this weekend). blue valentine – i think you were my fave of the lot.  dear 5pm saturday: twitchy-bum time! (wales v england in the rugby).  dear flying: i no likey. but it seems i will be doing you four times this year. eek! time to face my fear.  dear alf: your teeth will fall out one day, i promise. just stop wanting to rush into these things and grow up quickly, ok?  dear paul: thank you, thank you and thank you. from your cerys melys xx


6 thoughts on “friday’s letters

  1. Your snood is so cute! I made SEVERAL of those this winter for my shop! My fingers were doing some serious cramping up! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Stopping over from the link up!

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