snakes and ladders

snakes and ladders

i said i wasn’t going to go to the pub to watch THE rugby match (wales v england). and then i sang along with the national anthem. and before i knew it i had my jacket on and was running to the pub as the biggest snowflakes i have ever seen fell from above. they were seriously impressive. ”i’ll be back after the game!” i said as i left. he laughed. he knows me so well…

there was a good crowd there. wales were awesome. the second half was men against boys. we beat them. like, proper whooped-their-arses beat them. i was on a high. the pub was on a high. i don’t remember leaving. oops…

sunday and no hangover! always a bonus! and paul had just rang from work to say that he was going to be home mid-morning – yay! so after a lazy sunday morning and a freezing hour or so at the park on our bikes, it was home to coffee, bisuits and hot chocolates. and snakes and ladders.


oh, snakes and ladders. it is ridiculous just how competitive and giggly we all get over this game! with it being the 3d version too, there is nothing more satisfying than watching robb and alfie’s paul’s ball roll backwards…! (well, that and beating england in the rugby!). and i can’t help but giggle as alfie keeps throwing the same number on the dice and ends up on the same square…sending him back down the board again! we all check which rules we are playing before the game starts (yes, that serious). and there’s the knowing looks between paul and i as we see that one of them has missed a square which would have sent him back down the board again.  i have had to bite my tongue a few times with that one.

what’s a favourite game at yours?

ps – little tip for you. don’t ever stop to squeeze a friend (no matter how awesome they or how long it has been since you last saw them!) during the rugby, there’s a good chance you might just miss the first friggin’ try…you can always have a post-match rugby style scrum whilst trying not to spill any of your guiness.

pps – i had enough guiness on the saturday(!!) so didn’t feel the need to celebrate st patrick’s day again yesterday, i hope you all had a good one whatever you were doing to celebrate.


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