the only thing …

the only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child


last night i was going through my instagram pics. and there’s one thing that i have captured a few times. either the bois or the dog and in some cases paul and the dog, sleeping.


sleep. we like it a lot at ours. before the bois bach came along i would quite happily stay in my bed til around 11ish on the weekends (sometimes longer…depends what the night before was like!). paul has never been able to sleep in.  his idea of a lie-in is 8am…i have tried to teach him the correct way but he just can’t do it.


paul will fall asleep on the sofa most evenings (probably why he can’t sleep in). the bois bach will sleep in til around 8ish/9ish on the weekends (i know…go me!).  i’m more of night owl, hence my love of sleeping in! i’m not sure what i would do if they were the type that woke around 6am every morning…!


so just in case you all need some pics of cuteness in your day (who doesn’t?!) here are a few more:




and before anyone points it out, i know there are way more pics of alfie sleeping than robb. in no way is this a favourite child thing (does anyone have that?!!!) it’s just that alf is a lot more easier to photograph when sleeping than robb. robb tends to sleep with two duvets on top of him and buries himself into his matress, while alf has to have his head (and come the summer his whole body) out from under his duvet. they couldn’t be more different, these two.

oh, and one more ;-)


and if you’d like to see some more (yes, there is more!) feel free to follow me on instagram  (there’s even a button at the bottom of the page – easy as!)


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